Alliance for Children is focused on equipping young children for success by advocating and investing in efforts that strengthen their health, education, and emotional development; contributing to Union County’s sustained economic vitality in a globally competitive world.

Programs funded through our annual allocation and bid process provide vital services to children age 0-5 and their families living in Union County.

PROPOSALS for FY 2024-2025

Alliance for Children is accepting bids from individuals, government agencies, non-profit organizations and private businesses to provide evidence based and/or evidence-informed services for children birth to age 5 (not yet in kindergarten) in Union County for FY24-25. Also accepting proposals for professional janitorial and IT services. Details will be available at the Bidders’ Conference to be held on January 10, 2024. 11:30a.m.

  • Please call 704-226-01407 for additional information or to request a bid packet
  • Completed packets are due to Alliance for Children by Noon February 2, 2024


Alliance for Children programs are a vital framework of support for our community’s children, parents, and caregivers.

From the new mother that feels overwhelmed with breastfeeding to the teacher that wants to pursue an advanced degree but can’t afford tuition, Alliance for Children strengthens our community with nurturing and supportive resources.

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Professional Development

Alliance for Children assists child care professionals to take college-credit classes at no cost and ensures low turnover in child care facilities through scholarship programs.

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Discover how to encourage your behaviorally-challenged child or how to find the child care environment that will allow him to flourish. Find out how Latino and Hispanic families are connected to consistent, long-term health care or how a new mother can find support and fellowship from her peers.

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Family Support

Find out how Alliance for Children helps parents strengthen their child-rearing skills and teaches children to identify inappropriate touching. Discover how low-income children can be ensured the best child care possible.

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Child Care-Related

Alliance for Children programs provide a lending library of toys and educational games for children and help locate high-quality, affordable childcare for parents. Learn how collaboratively we can strengthen the program quality and licensure rating of your child care facility.