Some of our success stories!

From the Education STARS program

Thank you for the opportunity to take advantage of the Smart Start Education STARS program.  This program enables people like me to continue education while also being a working parent.  It would not have been a possibility if I had to pay for this class out of my pocket.   I have been able to use this program to better my education and it has enabled me to keep my position with the Union County Public School system.  Sincerely, Amanda

I have an associate degree in Early Childhood Education.  Through Education STARS I will be able to earn my credits and certificate in Administration for Early Childhood.  Without the encouragement of my director and the Education STARS program this would not have been possible.  Thank you for caring about early childhood teachers and helping pay for our education.  It will help us become better teachers for our future generation.   This has also encouraged me to want to look into going further and earn my bachelors degree.  Again thank you so much!  Jean

From the Best Start program

Thank you for support, for always being there for me and for my son.  Thanks for keeping me on track and focus on my education.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be in school, and I am glad you put me in the position to still make it somewhere in life.   Thank you, Susan

Thank you for being there for me and helping me accomplish my goals for school, but also for supporting me the most so I thank you for what you have done for me.  THANK YOU, Kaley

Dear Mrs. Messeroll,                                                                                                                                           I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to help bring hope and comfort to the students you serve.  Also, thank you for applying for a grant through, the items you received will come in handy for your students.     Sincerely, Brad Breedlove, Principal – Monroe High School     Sept. 2, 2013

Dear Ms. Mcgirt,
Thank you for always being there for me, for always listening to me when I felt I had no one else to go to. You have given me the tools to be a great mother and person through your actions and many classes you have made available to me.  You’re a great person and I will truly miss you. I wish you the best in the future. Love always, Keisha

From Nurturing Parenting Program

My first thought as I walked into my first session was that this program was not going to be interesting or much less fun or educational.  Who was to think that it would be the total opposite.  Little by little my thoughts strayed away from that.  They started becoming what am I going to learn next, and how I couldn’t wait to talk to Adela to let her know how much the class had been helping my family.   Between me and my children we have a greater bond, it was not easy doing everything by the book but it sure was worth it.  Each session that went by, I started to enjoy the class more and more.  When I would put the session into actions, I could almost automatically see the difference in all of us.  As a whole, we became closer and started communicating on a level I never knew existed.   If I ever have any doubts or questions, I can turn to Nurturing Parenting Program. (A March 2014 Court appointed Nurturing Parenting Program graduate)

From the Smart Start Resource Center

I LOVE this community resource!  It’s unbelievably organized, too, so I can always find great theme-based games or teaching materials for my son and my home daycare. Lisa Johnson Hassell    (a review via Facebook)  May 30, 2014

The SSRC is an invaluable resource for teachers of young children in our area. The staff is incredibly kind, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. The first time I came in I felt like a kid in a candy store– so many beautiful materials, and such a variety of things to help with my preschool teaching! I am firmly convinced that teachers of young children in our area are able to do a much better job as a result of this beautiful center! I’m so proud that Union County has it.  (Mrs. Singer , taken from SSRC survey, June 11th, 2014)

In addition to being a classroom teacher, I am a student at SPCC in ECE. As part of several of my classes I am required to do service learning of four hours a semester. I have volunteered at SSRC several times and find my times there enjoyable and I feel I help in a small way. By spending time at SSRC, one sees how important this service is not only to teachers but to parents or family members that really need this service for their young children to have good learning experiences. This is a valuable service for the community and I hope it continues and expands.  (Anonymous student,  taken from a SSRC survey)